Want to be a PBG?

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For sexy ladies seeking work in Western Australia in the skimpy and stripper industry, we want to hear from you!

PBG are the first and foremost company anyone will recommend to you. That’s because we’ve been around running things here for longer than anyone else operating in Perth (since 2010), we have the most amount of work to refer, the best support network and work conditions you will find anywhere in Australia.

Even if you have no experience and aren’t sure how “far” you want to go yet, we can help you figure that out without any pressure to do anything you’re not ready for or comfortable with. You can even start with clothed jobs and work your way through promo and sports girl work until you’re ready to try skimpy shifts. That may be as far as you go, or you might be willing to get your top and knickers off for an even higher hourly rate, or even learn to do striptease or full XXX Shows*. We can teach you to do anything and can help you with every aspect, whether you want to be discreet, or promote yourself heavily.

To get started please send a facebook message to Nat Baker aand we can talk to you there about how to apply. You can also complete the fields below to make sure you receive emails about upcoming work and training opportunities.

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*Please note, PBG is an Entertainment Provider and WE DO NOT IN ANY WAY promote or book for escort, massage, or prostitution, which we consider to be Personal Services.