Terms & Conditions

To get the most out of your PBG, be respectful and provide a safe, enjoyable environment. A waitress is more likely to sit in your lap, give you a shoulder massage or show off her party tricks if your guests haven’t tried to grope her or provoke her. Showgirls will increase audience participation where gentlemen are not interfering with the performance and reserve the right to scale back or cancel performances where the crowd is abusive or taking photographs.

Please do not touch or take photos of Perth’s Best Girls without express permission or unless directed to do so by the performer. Touching and photos are not included in booking prices and are at each performer’s discretion. If we decline your request please respectfully accept our decision.

Perth’s Best Girls will leave an event without refund for any of the following behaviour: groping, slapping, unsafe physical environment, menacing behaviour, continuous pressure to take photos or allow touching that she has already declined, fighting amongst the guests, police or emergency fire services attending. We are used to dealing with intoxicated guys at parties and you are welcome to get a bit messy, but having a good time should never include bullying the entertainers. Usually we will give clients one verbal warning before leaving.

There is a deposit payable upon the selection of your entertainers, which is non-refundable in the event that you cancel your booking. You will receive a direct confirmation contact from each entertainer you pay a deposit on. If your confirmed entertainer needs to be replaced for reasons beyond our control we will provide a variety of replacement options who can take her place for the same agreed rate. If you do not choose to go ahead with any of the recommended replacements from PBG we can carry your deposit over to your next booking with us.

Please do not solicit Perth’s Best girls for escort services or “extras” not advertised. If we don’t advertise it, we don’t do it. Please don’t offend us or embarrass yourself by asking. Now get yourself on the phone with your favourite PBG and let’s party!