Skimpy Barmaid or Waitress in Licensed Venues$35 to $75 per hour, negotiable
Lingerie or Bikini Waitressing at Private Parties

Have our girls come and serve drinks/food in racy bikinis or lingerie at your next private event.
$120 per hour
Topless Waitressing

Take it up a notch with a topless waitress serving you and your mates wearing only booty shorts/panties or a gstring.
$170 per hour
Nude Waitressing

Our naughtiest waitressing option! Alluring girls will come to your function/event and serve fully naked. No bra, no underwear, nothing left to the imagination.
$270 per hour
Lap Dances by Waitresses at Private Parties

Have your waitress turn it up a notch by giving the lucky man an erotic lapdance either in private or in front of the crowd.
$60 and up
10 minute Topless Fire Show by "Flame"

Sensual striptease wearing a sexy costume down to nothing but a tiny g string! Includes a Lapdance and Striptease
10 minute G-String Strip Show

A show to suit tamer parties or parties held at venues that can't allow full nudity, eg 18ths or bucks parties with conservative family present. The stripper will start in a sexy costume and seductively strip down to a g-string. The show includes sensual lapdancing on the birthday boy or buck and some audience interaction. The girl will then dance the whole last song in a g-string.
12 minute Nude Striptease

If you want your stripper to go all the way and take her g-string off in the final part of her show, but not do any open leg nude dancing, the Nude Striptease is right for you. The person in the hot seat still gets lots of personal attention and the whole audience gets to enjoy the nude finale. On request, the stripper can save her nude reveal JUST for the buck or birthday boy, if you prefer the rest of the family not to see.
15 minute Hot Cream Strip Show (HCS)

After sensually stripping from costume to fully nude, then using body lotion with some help from the audience, the girl will dance the whole final song naked including open leg nude dancing. More of the audience members will get to experience lapdancing action.
20 minute Deluxe Hot Cream Show

A full Hot Cream Strip show as described above, with the added element of fire or a bath, plus extra erotic audience interaction and an extended song adding longer open leg nudity.
25 minute Pearl Show

A deluxe hot cream strip show but this option includes the girl inserting a string of pearls inside her and having the a crowd member or the person of the night help her slowly pull it out in front of everyone.

25 minute Vibrator Show

A deluxe hot cream strip show where your performer also uses a vibrator/vibrators in her show to put on a sensual insertion performance.
25 minute Fruit and Vegetable Show (FNV)

A deluxe hot cream strip show which leads into the girl using an assortment of fruits and veggies including items like: bananas, carrots, zucchini and other options for a unique X-rated performance.
30 minute Pearl and Vibrator Show (PVC)

This show is a combination of the pearl and vibrator show in addition to the deluxe hot cream show.
35 minute The Works Show (Everything above!)$650
40 minute Extended Deluxe XXX Works Show $700
40+ minute Deluxe XXX Works Show + Fisting$800
40+ minute Deluxe XXX Works Show + Squirting$850
40+ minute Deluxe XXX Works Show + Anal$900
45+ minute Jaiden's 'The Lot' Show - Deluxe XXX Works + Fisting + Squirting + Anal$1100
Lesbian Duo Striptease or XXX Show (DUO)Double the Price of Any Show Above
Pole Show

Sexy skilled pole performer brings and directs the pole and does a stunning performance for your group then joins the party as a drinks waitress for 1hr.
$500 Dancer/waitress to undress to a Skimpy level
$600 Dancer/waitress to Topless
$750 Dancer/waitress to undress to Nude
Jelly Wrestling Party Kit$150 plus bonuses to the girls
Glamour Cocktail Hostessing$50 to $100 per hour
Photo ModellingCall 0407 598 667
PBG Skimpy or Topless Dance Shows for HotelsCall 0407 598 667
PBG Strip Show Nights for NightclubsCall 0407 598 667
PBG Jelly Wrestling

Book multiple girls for: sexy 1v1, hot group battles and tantalizing tournaments! Bikini, topless and nude options available.
Jelly Kits $150 inc. pool+pump+jelly

Waitressing prices + $50 per rumble
PBG Car Wash

Have Perths Best Girls come to your next event or private residence to wash your car/cars in a bikini.
Please see Party Ideas - Bikini Carwash for full pricing


Stripshows are for the whole party to enjoy and usually involve several members of the audience but should focus on the main man, buck or birthday boy, or anyone you point out needs to be put in the hotseat! Perths Best Girls can customise shows to suit special requirements… we can go easy and keep it sexy, or go hard and humiliate! Mini shows can sometimes be arranged from booked waitresses when there is not the budget for a full show.

Extra skills or requirements like costume theme requests, poker dealing, cocktail making, golf caddying, or help with fundraising or auctions, do not usually incur a surcharge, but please ensure your chosen entertainer will have the skills to bring when you first discuss the booking.

Saturday nights, Grand Final Day, the Christmas rush, and last minute late night bookings may be more expensive if demand for girls is high. Regular bookers like sports clubs , or large bookings (over $2000) may be discounted or done as a package deal, and this is at the discretion of the entertainer you choose to book through.

Nobody featured on this website provides prostitution or escort services, so please do not embarrass by asking. Please read our full Terms and Conditions before booking. Photo taking without permission, uninitiated touching, and disrespect towards entertainers will not be tolerated.